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Good Norwegian Coffee

Drinking coffee. I got to thinking about that after mention of dandelion wine, sugar cookies, and sandbakkels following my post about Grandmother Gina. I noticed in Clara’s Homestead (page 6) that Gina’s mother, Maria Thorsen Estensen, is credited with supervising the coffee making … Continue reading

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Skis and Ski Jumping

Ski jumping was introduced into the USA in 1880s by the Norwegians. In fact, Odd Lovoll writes in The Promise Fulfilled that “ski jumper” became a nickname for Norwegians! Not bad, I’d say, measured against what immigrants were sometimes called. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Emil – Another Cousin’s View

This post on the Borreson Cousins grandfather Emil is part two of our cousin David’s recollections of our grandparents, a section of a longer letter I received which he gave me permission to share with you. After writing of Gina, he goes on: “Now Emil was … Continue reading

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Gina – Another Cousin’s View

In response to the post on the Borreson Cousins’ grandparents Gina and Emil, cousin David mailed me an extended recollection which is so good everyone needs to have it – with his permission, of course. So here is David’s remembrance of Gina; … Continue reading

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Maria the Midwife

Seventy-seven years ago on February 15, 1934, Maria Thorsen Estenson’s obituary appeared in The Whitehall Times. She had died at the age of 81 years after a cold turned into pneumonia. What fascinated me about her, this mother to our grandmother … Continue reading

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Grandfather Emil in 1918

To my surprise – after I decided to give the genealogy site a try – I was pointed in the direction of a World War I Draft Registration Card for our grandfather Emil Borreson. How strange a document, I thought, … Continue reading

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Remembering Emil

After a post focusing on Grandmother Gina, we turn our attention to our grandfather, Emil Borreson, born September 17, 1872. Again I begin with a listing of information about him from his daughter Clara’s 1980 family history. Here’s a partial … Continue reading

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Cousins All

Our hearts are heavy these days, and our cousin Dale’s family is regularly in our prayers. He was too young, by our measure, and he will be missed. May you all know “the peace that surpasses understanding.” Dale’s passing, I confess, … Continue reading

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Thanks for Reading

As I begin my fourth month of posting (20 posts) on the Borreson Cousins blog, I thank you my readers for your encouragement. This is more fun than I imagined! Recent postings have come close to 50 views a day – … Continue reading

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