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Winona Camp

Maria Taasensen Thorsen emigrated from Biri, Norway, one year after the man she would later marry, Bertinus Estensen. She arrived in 1776 along with her brother Torger’s wife Regina, Torger and Regina’s six children, and a Miss Herried. (My mother … Continue reading

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Hitching a Ride

In May 1875 the Estensens arrived in Philadelphia from Stjordal, Norway: Bertinus Estensen, his parents Esten Steffensen and his wife Gurine (both 60 years old), and their stepson Bordinus. They proceeded on to Black River Falls (see my previous post) and finally to Pigeon … Continue reading

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Black River Stop

About 35 miles north-northeast of Onalaska, Wisconsin (“as the crow flies”) where Emil Borreson made his entry in the world in 1872, the town of Black River Falls is situated along the Black River. This river was one of four pouring white pine … Continue reading

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Turning Thirty

What were you doing the year you turned 30? Or if you’re not there yet, what do you imagine you’ll be doing? I was going to do a post on Gina Estensen (Emil Borreson’s future wife) when I got to noticing … Continue reading

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Onalaska Baptism

As I mentioned, Emil Borreson (grandfather to 29 of us) was born while his parents were staying with friends or relatives in the Halfway Creek area near Holmen. Clara’s Homestead has a copy of his baptismal certificate, so I began there … Continue reading

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Halfway There

In the late spring of 1869, Elias and Kari emigrated from Christiania (Oslo), Norway to America via the ship Skandinavia. Their route being La Crosse, Wisconsin, they settled temporarily in the Halfway Creek area just north of La Crosse and east … Continue reading

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