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Nordic Fest Reunion

While some of my cousins (spouses and children too) spent two or three days immersed in all things Norwegian at Decorah’s Nordic Fest, Mary and I were able to be there only Friday. But I know we included the right event … Continue reading

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The Pastors Christopherson

Pigeon Creek Evangelical Lutheran Church, which has served Borresons and Estensons from the time they arrived in Fitch Coulee, has the distinction of a father and son as its pastors for nearly 90 years. Emanuel Christopherson arrived from Norway in 1876 to accept … Continue reading

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From Taxi Driver to Record Bowler

Oh, my, the things we learn “out of school” – and from searching old newspapers. Today it’s time to give a bit of attention to Uncle Sid and share two things about him that I didn’t know: that he once was … Continue reading

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Haying Season

In the month of June, haying season hit full stride on the farm, so it’s about time that I include this 1935 photo. Bennie, with fork in hand, stands atop the hay load on the right. He is “assisted” by Odell, … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Dog Shep

It must be mandatory that every farm has had a dog by the name of Shep. The long-haired, lovable creature most likely would have been a Collie, Shepherd, or mix of the two. If Shep was of another time, he would have been a … Continue reading

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Gina and Emil’s 40th Anniversary

Awhile ago, David sent me several photos and a news clipping of Emil and Gina Borreson’s fortieth wedding anniversary celebration that took place on their farm in August 1939. I split the news clipping in a attempt to make it easier to read. You … Continue reading

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Church as Social Center

Recently I happened upon a fascinating article in the Wisconsin Magazine of History that connected to our family’s history over a hundred years ago. The subject, “Rural Church Reform in Wisconsin During the Progressive Era” by Brian W. Beltman, looked at the … Continue reading

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