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Our Ancestors’ Occupations

As I stopped at the magazines in Barnes & Noble recently, the feature article on the cover of a genealogy magazine gave me a quiet chuckle. The title was something like, “Discover Your Ancestors’ Occupations.” Really! I thought to myself: going back … Continue reading

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In the Shorthorn Business

Clara’s description of her first cousin Theodore J. Thorson’s business has interested me and I have wanted to know more about it. Clara wrote that he “purchased cattle of the breed known as Shorthorns and built up a first class and profitable … Continue reading

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A Prominent Ekern Neighbor

Perhaps you remember the line from Clara’s Homestead I shared here, that in 1875, immigrant pioneer Peter Ekern gave our great-grandfather Bertinus Estenson a ride from Black River Falls to Pigeon Falls, his new home in America? Peter Ekern had been in BRF to replenish … Continue reading

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Borresons in South Beaver Creek

My “Borreson Mysteries” post looked at the children of Borre and Maria Anderson, the siblings of our great-grandfather Elias Borresen. As I said, the fate of three of them is unknown: Anne, Berthe, and Bernt. So what about the other two? Let’s look … Continue reading

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Borreson Mysteries

Mystery may not be quite the right choice of words, but as I’ve worked on our family history and genealogy in the last couple years, a few big questions remain unanswered. All three items here concern the siblings of the Elias Borresen, … Continue reading

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A Pigeon Creek Church Eulogy

The past summer we drove through Pigeon Falls only to be shocked by the absence of Pigeon Creek Evangelical Lutheran Church, the building that was the Borresons’ church home since they came to America. As you may remember, a fire destroyed the … Continue reading

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