Thanks for Reading

As I begin my fourth month of posting (20 posts) on the Borreson Cousins blog, I thank you my readers for your encouragement. This is more fun than I imagined!

Recent postings have come close to 50 views a day – and a post on December 13 had 61 views (Christmas Gathering). The other highs have been: Remembering Gina (49), The Old Swimming hole (43), Nice Catch of Fish (38), and Talking Norwegian (35).

My postings haven’t drawn a lot of comments but the best were: Talking Norwegian (5), Remembering Gina (4), and also The Ship Scandinavian (4). There are other comments too and the numbers may include my responses. Keep them coming! They’re really helpful contributions. If you missed these comments, you might want to check them: they might stir up your own memory.

If you have any comments on the frequency of the postings – I aim at a post every three to five days – let me know. I don’t want to beseige you with too many, nor on the other extreme, make you wonder if I’ve quit.

Next up in a couple days: Remembering Emil.

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2 Responses to Thanks for Reading

  1. Marcia Engebretson says:

    I remember Gina and Emil coming on the bus to visit us in Curtiss, WI unannounced. This meant Naomi and I giving up our bedroom and sleeping on the floor someplace!
    I also remember stopping at her house in Whitehall on our way home from Luther. She served us some of her Dandelion wine! I didn’t want my brother Dave to drink too much of it as he was driving! She also always had Sandbakkles when we came. Once when we were visiting on the farm, she took the tree of us on a picnic up on a hill in the “cow pasture” and we got chased by a bull! that was very scary and we barely escaped! I have a quilt of here making. It was a wedding gift. I wish now I had taken better care of it! She worked way too hard!

    • Glenn says:

      I didn’t realize that Emil also traveled by bus with Gina. Thanks for mentioning this. Ah, sandbakkles – a fine Norwegian treat! I think it would be nice to see – even for me to post – a photo of your wedding gift quilt from Gina. Would you consider taking a photo for the blog?

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