About Borresons

On Tuesday, October 17*, 1899, Emil Borresen and Gina Estensen were married at Pigeon Falls in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. Born of emigrants from Norway, this couple had ten children and 29 grandchildren. I am one of these grandchildren and I am interested in their history. (*Oct. 16th in some records)

This blog has the name, Borreson Cousins, because for a few years now, many of Emil and Gina’s grandchildren have managed to get together. That’s been such a delight. I want to take our gatherings a step further by offering this site as an avenue to share family history – and maybe gather some new stories.

My intention is to write up bits from our past and invite comments. The best source is, of course, the genealogical work done by Emil and Gina’s daughter Clara and published in her 1980 family history, Homestead. I’ll often probably start with tidbits from that treasure, add my own comments, and invite my readers (cousins and others) to add their own.

Since this is a public blog, I’ll be careful not to publish street addresses or phone numbers (if you didn’t know, I live in Holmen near La Crosse, WI). And I’ll ask family members to take the same care in their comments. If anyone wants to reach me privately, please contact me by e-mail at glenn.borreson@yahoo.com. If you have ideas for my posts or a photo you’d like me to consider posting, again my e-mail is the way to go.

The heading photo, by the way, is a partial view of Emil and Gina’s farm buildings in 1938, over 70 years ago. Well, that’s where we’ll begin. Come along and let’s see where it takes us.         

Glenn Borreson