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Hallingstad Connection

Part of the fun of this blog are the surprises, recently an e-mail from Tom Hallingstad of Burlington, Wisconsin. How did he find us? Well, let’s hear it directly from him. “I stumbled onto the Borreson Cousins blog while researching some … Continue reading

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Two Sisters Growing Up

Two sisters and eight brothers: Mabel and Clara were surely out-numbered in this Borreson family. But of course they made their marks in the world too – the Chicago area – which is interesting in itself. Thanks to Conrad, I have … Continue reading

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More Tobacco

After receiving more comments than usual on my tobacco post, I’m following it up with a second. Brian recalls raising tobacco on the Fitch Coulee Farm as late as about 1985. Conrad remembers tobacco-growing in the thirties – hoeing the crop … Continue reading

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Raising Tobacco

Here’s a subject that’s out of favor, but that won’t stop me. Did you know that Norwegians, especially Norwegian immigrant families, were vital to the success of tobacco as a Wisconsin crop? And did you know the Borresons were part … Continue reading

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Young Cubs Fan

After making a couple baseball posts recently, I thought a “new” photo from our cousin Conrad would be right on for a quick post. Imagine: with these uncles who loved to play baseball, and then Conrad growing up in Chicago, how could our … Continue reading

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Roots in Biri Norway

Something has happened I can hardly believe! Not only was this blog was found by a fellow in Norway who was curious about our family from Biri, but he has provided me with fine documentation connecting our family to the Biri … Continue reading

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More Borreson Baseball

After my post on baseball at Gale, cousin Sandra e-mailed me two fascinating pieces from the early thirties involving her dad Ednar. The first is a humorous article on the Borreson twins, Edgar and Ednar, and how people mixed them … Continue reading

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