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Norway Churches: Gina’s Family

Gina Estenson’s family finds us looking at different churches in Norway from those we visited with Emil’s side. We begin near Tronheim in Nord-Trondelag. In 1809 Esten Steffenson, father to Bertinus and grandfather to Gina, was baptized in the Church of Hegra (30-50 north of … Continue reading

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Norway Churches: Emil’s Family

In 1836 Borre Anderson married Maria Andersdatter in the Loten parish of Hedmark, Norway. All six of their children, including Emil’s father Elias, were baptized in that same parish. Here’s an exterior view of “Loten kirke” from the norskekirkebygg site that’s valuable for searching out … Continue reading

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Famous Norwegian from Loten

What a surprise to discover the birth of a famous Norwegian where our ancestors were from! Edvard Munch was born in Loten, Norway the 12th of December, 1863, while his father Christian was stationed there as a military doctor before the … Continue reading

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Leaving Loten

The home area for Borreson roots to our family is Loten in Hedmark County, Norway. (That’s Loten spelled with a / through the o.) Those roots are deep, at least four generations from the mid-1800s back to 1740 or so (Clara’s Homestead, pp. 24f.). I … Continue reading

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Can You Identify This?

Years ago – more precisely I do not recall – my father gave me the item pictured below. It was dusty and dirty. I tucked it away and never paid it much attention. In fact, I nearly threw it away because it … Continue reading

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Pitching Horseshoes

A comment from Brian reminded me that pitching horseshoes was a Borreson family activity, especially at picnics and reunions. In my memory these events always included food, conversation, softball games, and horseshoe pitching – and this last I only watched unless we … Continue reading

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Raising Chickens

Raising chickens – a controversial subject? Who would have thought? Unless, of course, you want to raise chickens within the city limits of La Crosse, Wisconsin in the year 2011. Neighbors have weighed in with varying opinions on that. But raising chickens was … Continue reading

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