Cousins All

Our hearts are heavy these days, and our cousin Dale’s family is regularly in our prayers. He was too young, by our measure, and he will be missed. May you all know “the peace that surpasses understanding.”

Dale’s passing, I confess, got me thinking about all us cousins and looking up some information I hadn’t thought about before. Most of it’s in the category of trivia but I found it interesting nevertheless.

We are 29 cousins, of course, but now two of us have passed on. The first was my brother William (“Billy”) in August 1963 in a farm accident, and now Dale. That’s going on 48 years between – perhaps an amazing length of time -but of course spouses have died, such as Olinda’s Gerry most recently.

Conrad Okerwall is the oldest cousin, Greg Borreson the youngest, with about 28 1/2 years between those births. I am actually surprised that time wasn’t longer, given the 23 years between the oldest and youngest in our parents’ generation (between Edwin and Sid).

Grouping by decades, only one cousin was born in the 1920s, six in the 1930s, 11 in the 1940s, and 11 again in the 1950s. Three cousins were born in five different years: 1944, 1948, 1949, 1953, and 1955. June was the most popular month to be born (6), no cousin was born in October, and five months had just one birth (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov). Except for December, winter wasn’t too popular. Well, that’s enough foolishness from me….

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2 Responses to Cousins All

  1. Joanne Ekern Hutson says:

    What a small world this is…I googled Biri just now, after learning during fellowship hour at church this morning (Coon Valley Lutheran) that someone at our table was travelling to the Biri area this week. I came across your blogs, and started recognizing names. My mother, Jeanette Mallum Ekern, is Irene Borreson’s first cousin. We (my husband, sister Beth and I) were in Norway the summer before the Olympics and connected up with our Biri relatives, toured the church, etc. My mother’s father Will Mallum, was baptised there and then came over on the ship when he was just an infant. We also saw the Ringsaker church, which is the area where my father, Loyd Ekern’s family came from. We laughed when we realized how close those areas are, and thought that there’s a good chance we’d likely have been born, even if they hadn’t all imigrated to WI.

    • Glenn Borreson says:

      Thanks so much for the comments. I recognize the Ekern name as being important in Pigeon Falls at the time of our ancestors’ arrival (about 1875). I think I did an earlier post on Peter Ekern and now I wonder if he’s your relative. I think we have a connection to Ringsaker as well. Glad you enjoyed making these connections. Come back any time!

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