Gina – Another Cousin’s View

In response to the post on the Borreson Cousins’ grandparents Gina and Emil, cousin David mailed me an extended recollection which is so good everyone needs to have it – with his permission, of course. So here is David’s remembrance of Gina; the next one in a few days will be of Emil.

“Gina and I were pretty close over the years. I think she took me under her wing when I was in 7th grade. That summer I spent five or six weeks there on the home farm. I recall that we worked in the garden alot! But we also took produce to Pigeon Falls to sell. We went door to door with whatever was in season. It was quit an experience.

I remember sleeping upstairs in the bedroom across from the bathroom. There were three or four single beds in the room. I think Bennie used one, Sidney another, and I’m not sure of the other person besides myself.

That summer I helped with the tobacco, picking worms for 10 cents a worm. And I learned how to drive horses in the field and also pulling forks of hay into the mow. But Grandma kept a watchful eye out for me. We sometimes ate in the summer kitchen. A couple times we went to Whitehall on Friday nights.

On another occasion, a Christmas time, we were visiting as a family, all five of us. So Gina hitches up a horse to a buggy and we went from farm to farm doing “Christmas Fooling.” We were all dressed up in funny clothes and masks. We looked like bums! When we stopped at a farm, they were to guess who we were. If they didn’t identify us, they had to feed us. We made at least half a dozen stops, all bundled up in the buggy. A great memory.

In the fifties on my way back and forth from Luther College to Hayward where Dad was pastor, I would always stop and visit with Gina my grandma. She was so happy to see me. We would visit a long time until I had to be on my way. I can still see her in my mind’s eye waving good-bye!

But what really got to me emotionally took place at my high school graduation. I was giving my vadedictory speech and, as I looked out to the audience, there sat my grandma. She had taken the bus all the way up to that northern Wisconsin town to be at my graduation. That was a wow! I could go on with more memories involving Gina, but this will suffice.”

Thanks, Dave, for sharing this treasure with us. Next time: Dave’s memories of Emil. By the way, click on the “Comments” words beneath previous posts on Gina and Emil for good words from other cousins. I thank you all!

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