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Two Norway Birthplaces

After spending a little time around a map of Norway, I decided to share with you the proximity of the birthplaces of two of the Borreson Cousins great-grandparents. Elias Borresen was born in Loten, Norway in 1839. On the maternal … Continue reading

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More on Gina

Again, special thanks for Uncle Sid for being our “guest blogger” with his recollections on his mother Gina, Mrs. Emil Borreson: “As the kid, I would go with Mother on her selling of products in Blair and Taylor. She made … Continue reading

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Sid on Fishing

Special thanks to Uncle Sid for his recollections here on fishing: “As kids we dammed up the creek, and when a rain storm washed it out, we would have to rebuild it. We used poles, old boards, and sod from … Continue reading

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Farming 1870 to 1930

Farming changed quickly in the years after our Borreson ancestors came to Pigeon Falls in Trempealeau County. In the decade before they arrived, lumbering was still booming in the state. Black River Falls, where Bertinus Estensen arrived in 1875, was … Continue reading

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Fitch Coulee School

Elaine’s e-mail, especially about her father Edgar telling of skiing during recess, motivated me to get to the Fitch Coulee School. Like she said, those ski times probably doubled as physical education classes too – as if these farm kids needed more physical … Continue reading

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Sid on Skiing

A recent letter I received from Aunt Irene includes Uncle Sid weighing in on the subject of skiing. This is back to one of the “originals;” it just doesn’t get better than this! Quoting Sid: “First of all I will explain … Continue reading

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More Skiing Photos

This follows up the post, “Old Skiing Photos,” with more information from Bennie Borreson’s daughter, Carol, plus a couple interesting notes at the end. Information on the back of one photo (in the previous post) listed Bennie’s third place prize … Continue reading

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Old Skiing Photos

The ski jumping post received lots of attention – and comments as well. Cousin Dan added remembrances about his dad (Ednar) and listed several places the Borreson brothers jumped in competition. Lesley noted that her father (Odell) wanted to be … Continue reading

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The Red Brick House

Did you realize the big red brick house on the Borreson farm was built in 1912, 99 years ago? How many of our memories are connected with this house in some way! How many more for Odell and Nan’s family … Continue reading

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