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Lutefisk, Anyone?

So, what are you having for Christmas dinner? Did you ever have lutefisk, that lye-soaked cod with which Norwegian-Americans have a love/hate relationship? Or as my mother-in-law loved to say, “the piece of cod that surpasses all understanding”? I was thinking … Continue reading

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Wintertime Notes

From notes I had scribbled in a visit with Sid and Irene, I have a few winter activities to share with you, perhaps a hodge-podge but worth repeating. His brother Bennie it was, said Sid, who first took him deer hunting in the 1930s … Continue reading

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Pigeon – the Bird and the Town

In his book, The Wisconsin Frontier, Mark Wyman describes a bird with slatey gray body, blue head, and rosey breast which measured 22 inches from head to tail. Seemingly endless in number, this passenger pigeon, so Wyman thought, was “an apt representative of … Continue reading

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The Year 1873

Certain years are pivotal in our country’s history, some in the story of our family. The year 1873 was one of them. Elias and Kari Borresen left Onalaska where they had lived since 1869, bought land from the West Wisconsin Railway company, and established … Continue reading

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An Heirloom Shawl

Searching old newspapers online for family references, I came upon this one: “Heirloom Shawl in Bridal Costume of Norma Stalheim” (La Crosse Tribune, Jan. 6, 1946). Norma, cousin to Emil and Gina’s children, was married to William White in January 1946 … Continue reading

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