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Ski Tournament News

Lately I’ve been searching old newspaper archives and I’ve found documentation for Borreson involvement in ski jump tournaments from 1926 to 1947. Let’s start with this newspaper photo – which doesn’t reproduce well but at least gives an impression. The … Continue reading

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All Those Boys

One of my favorite Borreson family photos is the 1940 formal pose that’s included on this blog. The dark suits and dresses, serious expressions and perfect postures, have always made me look again and think: That’s impressive! But I’ve also … Continue reading

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Gale College in the News

As I searched old newspapers, I came upon a couple Gale College news clippings with references to three of the five Borresons who attended in the 20s and 30s. My copies aren’t legible here, but I’ll include enough of the … Continue reading

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Farming with Horses (2)

“When an old tractor died, no one grieved its going. But when an old horse died, the family shed many tears, for the animal had become a part of the family, and a friend.” (Jerry Apps, Horse-Drawn Days, xi) That … Continue reading

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Farming with Horses (1)

Horses were a key part of farming operations in Wisconsin for about a century, according to Jerry Apps in Horse-Drawn Days (2010).  That surely had to be true in the Borreson and Estenson farming operations. In Homestead, Clara Cook mentions how they … Continue reading

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Estensen Neighbors in 1910

Census records are interesting not only for information about family members, but also about their neighbors. The census taker goes up and down the street or road, so the adjacent names on the census form are usually nearby neighbors. Here’s … Continue reading

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From Elverum to Fitch Coulee

A small piece at a time, we have learned the route that Elias and Kari Borresen journeyed from the old world to the new. After my last post on their marriage in Elverum, Norway, this one fills in another gap. The same Elverum … Continue reading

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A Marriage in Elverum Norway

As you know, Clara Borreson Cook’s family history Homestead (1980) is a family treasure without which this blog would be much more difficult. One of my intentions has been to build upon her information, eventually adding more ancestor information from Norway … Continue reading

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Pigeon Creek Lutheran Church

The evening of Monday, August 1, lightning struck Pigeon Creek Lutheran Church causing a fire that destroyed the steeple and collapsed the sanctuary roof. One person described the interior as “gutted.” Aunt Irene forwarded a photo to me – so … Continue reading

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Emil’s Farm Auction

My dad Garven told me that he had been administrator for his father Emil’s estate, but I didn’t know much more about that until I located this auction notice from the Winona Republican-Herald dated November 8, 1951. I enlarged the copy … Continue reading

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