1919 Ford Model T Truck

This one almost slipped by me. Our cousin Carol Ekern also e-mailed me a title certificate that her dad Bennie had for a 1919 Model T Ford 4-cylinder truck. As we noted previously, Bennie’s dad Emil was an owner of all things Ford – car, tractor and truck. Maybe it ran in the family! Or perhaps Ford just plain dominated the market. The truck that went with this title must have been Bennie’s transportation. Sid probably remembers a bit about it.

I included the certificate full size because I thought you’d like to see the details. I also found a photo of a similar truck still in existence (or restored) and am including that so you have a reference.

Nice vehicle, isn’t it. This obviously wasn’t Bennie’s truck but it may have been similar. Another truck appears in a family snapshot from the 1940s, maybe 1943. I haven’t done my research on this one, but the snapshot reveals a later model than 1919.

From left to right, the people in this photo are (I think): Gina, Marcelete holding Erlin, Richard in the wheelbarrow, Albert behind him, Naomi and Clara. If anyone has corrections on this, let me know. Besides the truck, the simple wheelbarrow is interesting as a typical old farm implement too. I am thinking 1943 as the date if our cousin Erlin (who recently died) was less than a year old. He was born in December of 1942. Our uncle Sid probably remembers this truck (unless it didn’t belong to Emil).

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