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Fitch Coulee Deer Hunt

Since November brings the great Wisconsin deer hunting season, I thought I’d share this photo that Bennie had tucked away in the family album – and which Carol shared with me. Even if our grandfather Emil was not a deer … Continue reading

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Farming in Fitch Coulee

Here are three more photos from cousin Carol, grouped in this post because all are glimpses of farming in Fitch Coulee – maybe around 1940. Enjoy them. In this photo of farmers and horses taken at the Flikkeshaug farm, our … Continue reading

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Clara and Ernest’s Wedding

Thanks to Albert for sending this wedding photo of his mother and father from 1929. Clara Borreson and Ernest Cook were married November 28, 1929, at the Borreson home farm in Fitch Coulee. The officiant was Pastor Christopherson. In the photo here we have … Continue reading

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The Fitch Coulee Farm in the 1950s

This farm photo of the Fitch Coulee farm comes to me from Albert who had shared it with Lesley. Albert thinks it comes from the fifties. The photo is a nice addition to this blog. I love the panoramic view, everything … Continue reading

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1938 and Electric Power

The year 1938 held an important technological advance for rural America, especially rural Wisconsin. In her Homestead family history, aunt Clara Cook describes it this way: “In 1938, the Wisconsin Power Cooperative had an easement on land to the area to … Continue reading

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Why They Came to Wisconsin

Did you ever wonder why our ancestors came to Wisconsin – or specifically Trempealeau County or Fitch Coulee? The answer is usually found in who came before they did. But first, let me back up a step. In the 1850s … Continue reading

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Traveling in 1878 Trempealeau County

What were the roads like at the time the Borresens and Estensens arrived in Trempealeau County? For Elias and Kari Borresen, that would be 1873 in Fitch Coulee near Pigeon Falls; for Bertinus Estensen, 1875, and for his future wife Maria Thorsen, 1876. In Merle … Continue reading

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