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Visiting Oppland Online

This is the second of three visits, all to the counties from which the Borreson-Estenson clans emigrated. Today we go online to Oppland county, the home of Maria Thorson who became the wife of Bertinus Estenson. Oppland is one of only two Norway counties without … Continue reading

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Leaving Loten

The home area for Borreson roots to our family is Loten in Hedmark County, Norway. (That’s Loten spelled with a / through the o.) Those roots are deep, at least four generations from the mid-1800s back to 1740 or so (Clara’s Homestead, pp. 24f.). I … Continue reading

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Along The Pilgrim Way in Norway

For hundreds of years following the death of St. Olaf in 1031, medieval pilgrims would travel to Trondheim. There, near the place of his death, they hoped to acquire powers that the saint himself was said to possess. The route by which … Continue reading

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Estensen Neighbors in 1910

Census records are interesting not only for information about family members, but also about their neighbors. The census taker goes up and down the street or road, so the adjacent names on the census form are usually nearby neighbors. Here’s … Continue reading

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Faberg Church

In Clara Borreson Cook’s Homestead, Biri is identified as the birthplace of Maria Thorsen (Mrs. Bertinus Estensen), as well as the parish in which she was baptized and confirmed (p. 14).  Her parents (p. 8) and siblings claim that parish … Continue reading

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Two Norway Birthplaces

After spending a little time around a map of Norway, I decided to share with you the proximity of the birthplaces of two of the Borreson Cousins great-grandparents. Elias Borresen was born in Loten, Norway in 1839. On the maternal … Continue reading

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