A Family Moves to Canada

While the death of Emil Borreson’s uncle Bernt eludes me, I am learning more about his family than I anticipated.

As I wrote previously, not only did all four of Bernt’s daughters end up in North Dakota, but so did his son Bernhard. I discovered that he had lived in Sawyer, Ward County, North Dakota before something inspired his move to Canada about 1910, to the Ponteix, Saskatchewan, area about 50 miles south of Swift Current.

In my most recent find, not only do I locate him and his wife in a 1921 census of the prairie provinces, but right below them as the next family are his mother and step-father Clara and Andrew Anderson! According to this census, all three – Bernhard, Andrew and Clara – had immigrated to Canada in 1910. Both Bernhard and Andrew are farmers, and if the usual township numbering is used, Andrew’s land is immediately north of Bernhard’s.

Checking the 1916 census for the same area, Bernhard’s sister Florence is residing with her mother and step-father, and back to the 1911 census, his sister Cora is the one living with them. This leads me to think there may have been fair amount of communication among these siblings, and some travel or movement back and forth. (Andrew, by the way, was a widower with two sons and daughter of his own living with the family in 1911.)

I recall that I had located Clara Anderson (along with daughter Bernice) in the 1910 U.S. census living in Bangor, Wisconsin (near La Crosse), but her husband was absent but apparently not dead – quite puzzling. I am referring to Andrew Anderson, whom she married in 1905 after Bernt’s death. Now I am guessing Andrew had already left for Canada and would bring the family to join him later in the year.

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