Coming Soon – A Ski Jumping Book

Little did I know where my genealogical searches of the last few years would lead, and certainly not to the book I will have published later this month.

A few years ago I began researching my family history, including following up on references to ski jumping that I recall my father making to us his children. Not only did I discover he wasn’t “pulling our leg” (Dad liked that phrase), but I learned how deeply his brothers were involved in that sport of our Norwegian heritage. I went on to document five of my uncles’ ski jumping exploits, some described in this blog.

That led me another direction. I learned so much about ski jumping in Wisconsin as a result of researching my uncles that I ventured to write an article that eventually went on to be published in the Wisconsin Magazine of History, our state historical society’s publication. The title was “From Telemark to Tamarack: Ski Jumping in Western Wisconsin,” and the article appeared in the Winter 2013-2014 issue.

Of course, the heart of my research all along had been focus on Trempealeau County, home base to the Borresons. Eventually, I wondered if I could make something more of all my digging, so I began focusing on ski jumping in the various small communities of Trempealeau County — and there were, arguably, more ski jumping communities in this county than any other in the state.

So, briefly, that brings us up to date.

Yesterday, I sent off to the publisher the manuscript for my book, LOOK OUT BELOW: Ski Jumping in Western Wisconsin’s Trempealeau County. Later this month it should be off the press, ready for local history buffs and  family members wanting to document their ancestors’ role in a wonderful episode of our state’s history.

Watch this blog for the book’s availability. (I’m sure you’ll want your own copy as quickly as possible!)

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