A Christmas Tradition Question

I subscribe to the blog of Wisconsin writer Jerry Apps who wrote of his family’s Christmas Eve tradition of oyster soup or stew, of doing it again this year and hoping it would continue to the next generation. He mentioned that he knew this stew was a tradition for others as well.

That got me remembering. When I was elementary school age in the fifties, Mom would prepare an oyster stew for Christmas (but no other time). I recall enjoying the crackers, but maybe not so much the stew. But perhaps this tradition was abandoned even before my younger siblings could enjoy it, I’m not sure. I suspect the tradition may have come with those Norwegians with a closer proximity to the sea – Mom’s family was from Hardanger fjord – so perhaps not with our mostly inland-Norway Borreson or Estensen families. My wife Mary, for example, had the same tradition in her home, and she thinks it probably came through her mother’s ancestors from Sogn.

So, my question: Do you remember the Christmas oyster stew as part of your family’s tradition? Or do you remember any other Christmas tradition in your own family which may have had its roots in our ancestors from Norway?

P.S. My brother Paul wonders if anyone has a good oyster stew recipe. Let me know and I’ll pass it along to him.

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1 Response to A Christmas Tradition Question

  1. Naomi Hanson says:

    The Gilbert Borreson family had oysters for Christmas Eve…along with meatballs and spare ribs!

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