Gale College Again

Because of the Borreson family’s strong ties to Gale College, I’m posting a couple more items, courtesy of a Christophersen descendant, Carson Taylor, who has been gracious enough to share these with me.

Gale 1906 high school diplomaThis 1906 diploma dates about 20 years before the first of the Borreson siblings attended Gale College. Does any Borreson cousin have a diploma for their parent? I wonder if the diplomas from the 20s and 30s looked the same.

Gale C 1912 BB team ValborgHere is a girls basketball team photo from Gale in 1912, again before any Borresons were in attendance. When I graduated from Blair High School in 1962, there was not yet such an opportunity for girls, but here was Gale, a Lutheran high school, fifty years earlier, with a girls team. Pretty impressive! With Carson I find myself wondering how it was that this school seemed to be so ahead of the times.

And since this is the Christmas season, this post closes with part of an article from the La Crosse Tribune and Leader Press, Thursday, December 17, 1931, p. 9, when three Borresons – Ednar, Edgar, and Garven – would have been students at Gale.


Elaborate plans are being made for the annual Christmas program at Gale College with which that school will close the old year on the evening of Thursday, Dec. 17. The program, which is to be in the nature of a public number, will be given in the college chapel, and included among the numbers will be an address by the Rev. O. G. Birkeland, Whitehall pastor, a play by students, and music by various organizations of the school…[omission of several paragraphs and names].

The college choir will sing “Holy Night” and “The Cherubim Song,” and the talk by Rev. Birkeland will follow. Concluding numbers will be two songs, “Christmas Lullaby,” arranged by Malmin, and “Beautiful Savior,” by Wick, sung by a double trio of girls. These are Helen Enghagen, Margaret Underheim, Alice Bakke, Kerstan Amundson, Oline Dale and Amy Yahr.

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