A 1933 Gale College Program

Five of Emil and Gina Borreson’s children attended Gale College, an academy of the Norwegian Lutheran church, located in Galesville, Wisconsin. Here’s a graduation program for three of them who graduated in 1933. (The program was 15 inches long so I scanned it in two images. My thanks to cousin Carol for the copy.)Gale graduation program 1933aGale graduation program 1933bEdgar, Ednar, and Garven were graduates in this class of 1993. Edwin and Gilbert were Gale College grads in the 1920s. I am guessing that Rolf Christopherson (-sen) may be Pastor Einar Christophersen’s son. The latter served for a time on the board of Gale College. (I recognize the Engelien name from French Creek, Hoff from Whitehall or Pigeon Falls, and Schilling from Galesville.) Gale College was an important place in the life of many Lutherans, operating from about 1901-1940, even briefly as a junior college in the mid-thirties. Through the years I have been surprised how often I have heard people refer to it.

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2 Responses to A 1933 Gale College Program

  1. Daniel L Borreson says:

    About 10 years ago Shelley and I attended a reunion at the Main Hall of Gale College. That building has seen some restoration recently and now is being used for events in the area. Betty Borreson Ofsdahl was part of the group that helped raise funds for that project.
    On that day, I met Harland Perterson, one of the students listed above, and his daughter who brought him. Harland was wearing a hat that he said he had used when he attended the College. On it was the first names of the starting five for the basketball team. Each member had written their name on it in 1932. One of the names was Red. That was of course my Dad, Ednar. I was able to have a good conversation with this gentleman.
    By the way, Helen Enghagen was organist for the French Creek Lutheran Church all the years I was a member there. Carl Engelien was a neighbor a mile or two from our farm. I remember Dad and I traveled on our tractor with a wagon to that farm on a Saturday one fall to help with corn shredding. Carl was in the hospital and many of the neighbors volunteered to do the shredding for him. Carl also pitched horse shoe with Dad frequently. Rolf Christopherson was indeed the son of the Einar Christopherson and lived many of his adult years in Eau Claire. He was a client of the CPA firm where I worked (Bertelson Company at the time). He was in business in Eau Claire. His brother Bjorn Christopherson was managing partner of Bertelson Company when I first started to work there. Robert Dingle was one of my Dad’s best friends in school. My Dad was able to make contact with him. I think it was the late 60’s. At the time, he was living in St. Paul, Minnesota as I recall.

  2. Rolf Mosbo says:

    Rolf Christopherson was my father’s first cousin and my namesake here in NW Iowa. Rolf and Bjorn had a third brother, Paul, for whom my older brother was named. Our father, Edward, attended Gale College in 1933-35

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