Add Another Distant Relative

If you have followed my account of Adolph Borreson (second cousin to Emil and Gina’s children), you have read that this previously-thought-to-be-single man had been married three times. And by his second wife Nina, he had four children. Here he is pictured with her (my thanks to the Rossin family for this photo).

Adolph Borreson and Nina BooksWell, there’s more. For some time I thought he may have had a child by his first wife from the Galesville area, Herbertina Dettinger. Herbertina showed up in the 1930 census married to Jewitt Lund, and with them was a daughter Helen whose age was 8 years, dating her birth to the time Herbertina and Adolph had been married.

After several twists, turns, and dead ends, I learned that the family was living in Holmen and that Helen may have been confirmed at Holmen Lutheran Church. I was pastor for that very church before I retired, and we continue  to live in Holmen, so I “ran right over” there to check the confirmation records.

Sure enough, I found her confirmation record – June 21, 1936 – and her parents were listed, not only Herbertina who’d remarried, but also Adolf Borreson as her father. I’d found the evidence I was after.

As I researched, I found a lot more. Helen was an exceptional student at Holmen High School, including winning second place for an essay in a state contest of the American Legion Auxiliary. She went on to nurse’s training in Madison. For a time, she was married to Norman Blume (a doctor), from whom she was later divorced. Subsequently, she married Richard P. Schubring of Madison. With her first husband she had at least one child, and with her second several more. After she and Richard retired, they appeared to have lived in Land ‘O Lakes, Wisconsin.

I thought for a time she was still living and I could make contact with her. Not so. She died in October 2002, and I found her obituary in a Madison newspaper. So Adolph’s family line continues here as well as with the Rossins, but I have not tried to be in touch with Helen’s children.

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