An Old Confirmation Certificate

One of the special aspects to doing this blog is that occasionally I get surprised by message that I wasn’t expecting. A couple days ago, the surprise was an e-mail contact from Carson Taylor, a great grandson of Pastor Emmanuel Christophersen. He sent me this 1901 copy of his grandfather Andreas Gerhard Bjorn Christophersen’s confirmation certificate (which I received permission to post to this blog). Our grandmother Gina’s sister Emma (Mrs. Arne Torud), born in 1888, was just a year younger than Andreas.

Christophersen confirmation certificate

This certificate reminds me what a big deal confirmation was. Not only were confirmation certificates such as this one large and suitable for framing, but they were small works of art attesting to the spiritual importance of the occasion. Andreas’ certificate has reproductions of four pieces of art plus the four small items in the corners (two partly cut off here). Of course, there are Bible verses (John 8:31-32) and a hymn verse (what hymn I’m not sure). My thanks to Carson for sharing this.

The two Christophersen pastors would have signed many baptism, confirmation, and marriage certificates or records for the Borresons and Estensons. Maybe a few of my cousins have baptismal certificates signed by the younger pastor, Einar. I wonder if any of the really old certificates still exist with in our family, such as for Emil or Gina. They surely would be a family treasure. Does anyone know?

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