Fitch Coulee Deer Hunt

Since November brings the great Wisconsin deer hunting season, I thought I’d share this photo that Bennie had tucked away in the family album – and which Carol shared with me. Even if our grandfather Emil was not a deer hunter (so far as I know), some of his sons and grandsons took up the sport with enthusiasm.

There are six fellows here happy to pose with their “trophies.” The only words recorded on the back side of the photo are “Fitch Coulee 1974.”

Deer hunt Fitch Coulee 1974Assisting my eyesight, cousin Lesley filled me in on the names of the hunters, from left to right: her cousin Dale Borreson, brother Brian Borreson, uncle Sid Borreson, father Odell Borreson, brother Greg Borreson, and husband Richard Gillingham. As she said, “Great hunters!” (Aunt Irene adds that she was the photographer for this photo.)

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2 Responses to Fitch Coulee Deer Hunt

  1. Lesley Gillingham says:

    HI Glenn,
    The picture was taken on the home farm. From the left: Dale Borreson, Brian Borreson, Uncle Sidney Borreson, Dad Odell Borreson, Greg Borreson and Richard Gillingham (Lesley’s .husband).Great hunters!!!!

  2. Glenn Borreson says:

    Thanks, Lesley. I added the names in the post itself.

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