Some Borreson and Estenson Photos

Recently, I met with cousin Carol who was willing to loan me some photos her dad Bennie had collected. Some of these were new to me, and so I thought they might be good to share on this blog as well. (If you want to close-up of the photo, just click on it.)Elias and Kari BorresonElias and Kari Borreson, pictured here in their advanced years, immigrated to America in 1869.

Emma BorresonEmma Borreson was Emil’s sister who married Carl Olson in 1907, moved with him to the Dakotas, and died there in 1909 when she slipped into an open well and drowned. (The photo seems another mystery: the photographer is Raven in Ashland, Wisconsin. Why?)

August Pederson Selma BorresonSelma Borreson, another sister of Emil’s married August Pedersen in 1902. They moved west to Oregon where the family remained. I was in touch with one of their descendants by e-mail a few years ago.Bertinus Estenson ca 1916The photo of Bertinus Estenson was noted as taken in 1916 or 1917.

Maria Estenson 80th B-dayThis photo of Maria, Bertinus’ wife, was taken on or for her 80th birthday (which would have been in 1930, four years before she passed away).

Gina Estenson confirmat'nThis picture of our grandmother Gina Estenson is for her confirmation in November 1894. My brother Phil received it from Harriet Tomter (who in turn got it from Pastor Christopherson’s granddaughter).

I have a few more photos to post, but that’s all for today. (NOTE: If you want a copy of any of these for yourself, just ask me to e-mail you a digital copy and you can have a print made.)


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