One Less Mystery

After all my discoveries about Adolph Borreson, a second cousin to Emil and Gina’s children, another mystery is now solved: What did he look like? As of a couple weeks ago, we have a photograph of this younger Adolph in a stylish bowler hat.

Adolph BorresonThe person I have to thank for this photo is a daughter-in-law of his, Georgia Rossin. She and her sister-in-law, Adolph’s daughter Mabel Albrecht, are the two members of his family left in that generation. I have enjoyed several phone conversations with both of them and Georgia was gracious enough to share a rare find, a picture of our mystery man Adolph, born 1899 and died 1972.

I continue to work on gaps in his story, such as his World War II service mentioned in his obituary – and the question of another possible child born to his first wife near the end of their marriage.

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One Response to One Less Mystery

  1. Rita Sanger says:

    Hi Glenn,
    I just wanted to let you know that I just talked to my Aunt, Dorothy Kjos Every, and she asked me to email you her phone number in Onalaska 783-1723 and asked that you call her. She is having a “get together” tomorrow at her home at about 10:30 or 11:00-am and wanted to make sure you were invited. She received a call from our Estenson relatives from Pigeon and Whitehall and they are coming down tomorrow for coffee and conversation! My 3 Aunts and my Dad will also be there to share stories. Thank you Rita Sanger 787-1820

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