DNA Analysis

DNA analysis is one the amazing tools of our time, helpful even to genealogists. Some time ago, our son Erik has his analyzed: that way his mom and I would get results for both our families.

We used 23 and me for the analysis, and I must admit, there were no surprises. (Maybe that’s good.) The reading indicated 99.9% of Erik’s ancestors were from northern Europe. Since both Mary and I know we have Norwegian ancestors for at least 150 years or more, this made sense. Here’s a more detailed per cent breakdown:

  • 82.2 Scandinavian
  • 11.8 British and Irish
  • 5.8 Broadly northern European
  • 0.1 Broadly European

I ascribe the British and Irish elements to the marauding of the Vikings…maybe, but even Aunt Clara’s history of our family included a Dane back in the 1600s. The other detail in that list was that less than one ten of one percent was Eastern Asia or native American. (That element must go back a long way!)

So, I guess we didn’t learn much this way, but did have our history confirmed. Some of my cousins who married non-Norwegians will get a different story if one of your children has the analysis done.

The other benefit is that I’ve been making contact with a few distant relatives – the fourth and fifth cousin category – and even that is interesting.

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