Making Connections

If you’ve read my three blog postings about Adolph Borreson, second cousin to Emil and Gina’s children, you know there have been plenty of surprises. Now there are more!

A daughter-in-law of Adolph happened upon this Borreson Cousins blog and began reading about her husband’s father with whom there had been little or no contact through the years. A few days after I received an e-mail about this from Georgia’s friend Mary W., I called Georgia who lives in Waterloo, Iowa, and we had a long and lively conversation. After Adolph and Nina divorced, it appears that, for whatever reasons at the time, Adolph had little contact with his four children. One of the older boys spent a few weeks with his dad, but that may have been all. I did learn that Adolph was known as “Al” within his own family. Georgia said she had or has no knowledge of other members of the extended Borreson family. I told Georgia I’d send her some family tree information and I have done that.

A few days after this conversation, I received a phone call from Adolph’s daughter, the only one of his four children still living. Again this conversation – with Mabel who lives south of Winona, Minnesota – was warm and interesting. Mabel doesn’t remember her birth father because she was just three years old when her parents divorced, so again, she knows little about her father and practically nothing of the larger Borreson family. It was fun to talk with her and share with her some information that I had found.

At least some of Adoph’s family came to know of his marriage to Florence McDonald in Rockford, Illinois, and as I recall, I was told that someone of them had actually spoken on the phone with Florence after Adolph’s death and had been told by her that Adolph had been “a good husband.”

One item that these family members do have that I don’t is a photo of Adolph, and another of his marriage to Nina Books. One day I hope to have a copy myself.

In the meantime, what a nice surprise to speak with these two women who eagerly participated in our conversation. They were so gracious. Yes, my connection to Mabel and Georgia’s husband is just third cousin – not so close in our world – but it has been fun to discover it all the same. Thanks, Georgia and Mabel, for helping this happen.



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