Surprise, Then Disappointment

Today, between appointments, I attempted another quick search at the La Crosse Library for death records for Bernt Borreson, our grandfather Emil’s brother. He was living in La Crosse in the 1890s, and he has died by 1905, but I can’t locate his death information.

As I was wrapping things up for the time being, I drew the archives librarian in on my search. She came up with Bernt’s marriage information – I already had that – but nothing more. Suddenly she said she had information on the marriage Bernt’s sister in Vernon County south of La Crosse. I was “all ears” at this.

Aunt Clara only had birth information on Anne Borreson (1847, Loten, Norway), but nothing more. I located both baptism and confirmation dates for her in Norway, but my information ended there. So, now, I thought, here’s a break-through.

The librarian found that Anna Anderson had married Syverin Morterud April 16, 1885 in Christiania township, Vernon County, Wisconsin. Anna’s parents were Borre and Marie Anderson. I thought it was logical, or at least possible, that she was using the last name Anderson even though her brothers (like Elias) used Borreson. And the parents’ names seemed right. I was excited.

When I came home, I was able to find more detailed marriage information on which now has many ELCA Lutheran church records online. There I learned, disappointingly learned, that Anna Anderson was 21 years old when she was married in 1885. “Our” Anne Borreson (or Anderson) would have been 38 years.

So I wondered: was there another Borre and Maria Anderson in western Wisconsin? Sure enough, in the 1880 census, I located a “Bore” and Marie Anderson in Christiania township, Vernon county. They had three children, the oldest of whom was 14 year old Anna – who would have been 21 in 1887, just the right age for the marriage in question. Not “our” family at all.

So, this mystery was solved, but bigger one still remains: what happened with Anne Borreson after her confirmation in 1861 in Loten, Norway? My search goes on.

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