Pigeon Creek Lutheran Church Memorial

Many changes have taken place since the fire destroyed Pigeon Creek Lutheran Church back in 2011. This past Monday, a cold and rainy spring day, I stopped by the old church site and witnessed the beautiful memorial park that has been constructed where the old church once stood. I am sure other cousins must know the story that led to this lovely place of meditation and reflection. Enjoy the photos. I encourage you to stop by on a warm day which is what I hope to do as well. (A blue sky would add to the beauty.)

Pigeon Creek church memorial (1)                                                                The Entrance

(Enter this gate, turn right, and go a ways beyond the edge of the photo and you will find yourself at the grave marker for Emil and Gina Borreson and other family members.)

Pigeon Creek church memorial (2)                                                              A Closer Look

Just barely visible at the distant left on this photo is the list of founders of the Pigeon Creek Lutheran Church, a list that includes Borresons among among others.

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1 Response to Pigeon Creek Lutheran Church Memorial

  1. Fred Stai says:

    would like to contact Pastor Einar chrisopherson’s family relatives. I stayed at the parsonage and worked for Rolf summers of 1954 and 1955. Interested in the photos and have written a story

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