Pigeon Falls Plat 1901

A recent visit to the La Crosse Public Library paid off with a nice find: a plat of Pigeon Falls, Wisconsin, in the year 1901. It was a very basic little place, with one or two streets, depending how you do the counting. Take a look for yourself.

Pigeon Falls plat 1901The size of the map makes reading a bit difficult, but you might notice:

  • Peder Ekern’s land on the left/west and his mill at the left end of the Mill Pond.
  • The warehouse and store across from each other at the left/west end of Main Street.
  • The school further to the right/east on Main Street.
  • The hall just about across the street (south) from the school, and
  • The [Lutheran] church south of the hall.
  • The land of Hans Johnson and S. A. Lokken just east of the town.
  • The town shown in three sections: no. 1 with three lots, no. 2 with nine lots, and no. 3 with 31 lots.

For your reference, the original plat is 300 feet to 1 inch. That means the mapped area is about 2,565 feet across. The school lot plus the two to its right measure just over 600 feet across at the front or south edge, and the church is about 450 feet south of the hall.

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