WMH article: From Telemark to Tamarack

Five Borreson brothers, sons of Emil and Gina, were competitive ski jumpers in western Wisconsin, from Westby in the south to Cameron in the north, from St. Paul in the west to Racine in the east. And two more of the eight sons in this family were recreational skiers. A 1919 photo of Pigeon Falls ski jumpers included the two who skied the longest: Gilbert who was a downhill skier well into his seventies even in the mountains of Montana, and Bennie who ski jumped within four decades. Quite a legacy!

After I began this Borreson Cousins blog, I started researching the greater history of ski jumping in western Wisconsin. Pigeon Falls and Whitehall were part of that story for many years, and with those places, the Borresons, the Johnstads, and the Strum’s Nelsons just three families of the many who were high flyers in this sport.

As the result of my research, I wrote an article, “From Telemark to Tamarack: Ski Jumping in Western Wisconsin,” which was just published in the Winter 2013-2014 issue of the Wisconsin Magazine of History, the periodical of the State Historical Society. In addition to the greater story, the article includes a photo of Bennie Borreson and Karsten Linnerud and several Borreson references (Bennie, Sidney, and Garven). I love knowing that our family is now documented within this chapter of Wisconsin’s history.

I encourage you to go to the Wisconsin Magazine of History’s website to read a summary of the article, even more to purchase your own copy. You can obtain a copy by calling the magazine’s online store at 888-999-1669. The cost is $8.95 for the issue plus postage and handling. The Wisconsin Magazine of History is an award-winning publication and you’ll enjoy other articles equally well.

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3 Responses to WMH article: From Telemark to Tamarack

  1. Rita Sanger says:

    Hi Glenn, I saw your article in LaX tribune and contacted my Dad so we could come your talk on ski jumping. My Dad, Vernon Kjos, is one of Peder Estenson’s Grandson, his mother was Peder’s daughter Clara. My Dad is 88 and loves to share stories from the past and he watched many of the Borreson Boys and other ski jump. Looking forward to meeting you. Rita Sanger, Coon Valley

    • Rita, how wonderful to have you and your dad at last evening’s program in Holmen! It’s hard to believe that we made the family connection – 3rd and 4th cousins. Your dad seems to be a treasure of memories and stories, and I should probably get together with him alone sometime and just “let him go at it.” Thanks for coming and bringing your dad. It helped make my evening even more special. — Glenn

      • Rita Sanger says:

        Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us and I always am fascinated to hear about our history. My Dad would love to sit down with you anytime over a cup of coffee and krumkakke and share stories as he has many to tell. Rita

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