Uncle Sid in Old Photos

Already more than a month has passed since Uncle Sid’s funeral, but a recent day when cousin Carol showed up with old photos and scrapbooks, he was at the center of my attention again. The photos and other memorabilia Carol showed me over a couple hours included several that featured Sid or led me to think of him.

Fitch Coulee farm copy

This first old photo of the farm was new to me, and I included it because of the foreground: there’s the stream that Sid, Conrad, and other family members would dam up to make a swimming hole (and a person next to it, I think). In fact, somewhere on my blog, there an “old swimming hole” photo. You can search it out, if you wish. Notice also the simple bridge over the stream, bottom left.

Back to Chicago copy

The second one apparently is a light-hearted gathering as Carl and Mabel, with children Conrad and Gertrude, are preparing to leave for Chicago after a visit to Fitch Coulee. Sid, I understand, is that young lad next to Gina in the front. If he’s about eleven years, that would make this 1934. As you can tell, Emil and Gina are not joining in the frivolity of other family members tipping the bottles, for example.

Sidney at hard work ca 1950 copy

The third picture is of Sid working in the woods somewhere, and it bears a brother’s teasing line written by Bennie, “Sid at hard work.” Maybe it’s around 1950, or perhaps Irene would know more exactly. Enjoy these old photos, thanks to Carol – and her father who’d saved them.

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