After the Church Fire

Reading the obituaries in The La Crosse Tribune recently, I had noted the mention of a Peace Lutheran Church, Pigeon Falls. I’d never heard of a Peace Lutheran, so I wondered what story I was missing.

After several unsuccessful searches, I finally found my answer: Peace Lutheran Church is the name of the “new” church emerging from the ashes of Pigeon Creek’s fire and the open door of Evangelical Lutheran, their sister congregation just down the hill. The story is found in current e-news from the Northwest Wisconsin Synod.

Read the story yourself here.

Every person has their own story of loss and recovery after a fire like that which took Pigeon Creek Lutheran Church, home to our own ancestors. These times are never easy. Nevertheless, I also think: where there was love, there’s still something lasting. And where an old building was really like a beloved member of the family, there is always a place deep in the heart.

At the same time, I find it praiseworthy that people of both congregations could find it in themselves to join together in a united future. The decision to become Peace Lutheran is truly a sign of hope in our broken world where divisions too often have the day. And, interestingly, it recalls the early history of Pigeon Falls, when there was just one congregation. May God bless Peace Lutheran and every one of its people.

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