My Ski Jumping Program

After all the fun I’ve had posting items about Borreson ski jumping, I have done some diligent research on ski jumping in western Wisconsin from the 1880s on. What a story that is! With beginnings in Telemark, Norway, ski jumping came to America with Norwegian immigrants and flourished in the Midwest.

Wisconsin Norwegians came to be heavily concentrated from an area south of Westby to counties northwest of Eau Claire. Not only cities like Eau Claire and La Crosse had ski jumps but so did smaller places like Pigeon Falls and Whitehall – and even a dot on the map like Tamarack south of Arcadia (as in this photo).

The 30-minute PowerPoint presentation I have prepared on ski jumping in western Wisconsin begins with its Norwegian roots and debts, and moves on to illustrate both its lively presence on local farm hills and its skiers who became national champions and Olympians. It’s quite a story.

I have presented it to three Sons of Norway lodges (in Strum, La Crosse, and Blair) and I look forward to sharing it with other groups, including members of the Borreson family who may hear a story or two of their own along the way. If you want to discuss the program with me, e-mail me at

Thanks to my brother Phil who located Dad’s old skis for me, I was able to take these old jumping skis along with me when I made my presentations in La Crosse and Blair.

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