Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping

Search this blog for “fishing” and you’ll find a couple other posts with fishing photos or stories, but I have to add this photo with Edwin (thanks to David, I believe).

I don’t know the date, but that’s quite a fish (probably a Northern pike?). I really don’t know how much fishing the Borresons did, but I do recall that brothers-in-law Ernest Cook and Carl Okerwall liked come north into Wisconsin for fishing.

About hunting, the only stories I have prior to 1950 are from Sid who would go deer hunting with Bennie. Bennie’s daughter Carol sent me this deer hunting success photo with her dad and Sid. She thinks the hunting was at Rock Dam in the Fairchild area.

I shared Sid’s recollections about this hunt on the December 19, 2011 post, so go there if you want a reminder. Sid did say that Bennie had gone hunting “up north” too, maybe in the thirties. I don’t know any other hunting stories, especially deer, but it was in the forties and fifties before deer hunting really began coming back in the southern part of the state.

Odell, I understand, did get into trapping skunks while he was in high school – for a $5 bounty, apparently it was worth the stink (or not). Often he got them with a wack on the head, although I know Sid had one Odell story about two holes, three skunks, and a .22 rifle. I think it had a good ending – except for the skunks.

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