Baseball, Ski Jumping, Horseshoes

When I think of the Borreson brothers at play, I especially think of baseball, ski jumping, and pitching horseshoes. All those subjects have had attention in this blog, but I want to add a couple news clippings I found recently. First, on baseball….

I added this July 5, 1949 clipping (Winona Republican-Herald) because it features another Borreson battery: Sid as pitcher and Odell as catcher. Earlier, we read about Ednar and Edgar as battery at Gale College. Too bad about the Pigeon Falls loss; I’m assuming it was just an “off” day! (Seven errors was no help.) I wonder if my dad Garven was playing for Hegg in this game; according to a photo dated 1949, he may have been. [The title includes French Creek, but I omitted that game here.] Next clipping, on horseshoes….

I usually don’t include family news dated after the 10 siblings married, but this August 15, 1967 news clipping (Winona Republican-Herald) is such a good reminder that the Borresons continued pitching horseshoes for many years. Not only was it good fun at family reunions, but here are Odell and Sid – and a cousin Neilan Johnson, I think – setting up a contest for a community event. Nice job, guys!

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