The Fitch Coulee Farm in the 1950s

This farm photo of the Fitch Coulee farm comes to me from Albert who had shared it with Lesley. Albert thinks it comes from the fifties.

The photo is a nice addition to this blog. I love the panoramic view, everything from the tobacco shed on the right to the windmill on the hill to the left, from the string of cows in the foreground to the neighbor’s farm in the background, and the white Fitch Coulee School about in the middle. Whatever the year, contour farming appears to be practiced in the hills, and I am guessing that’s a strawpile to the right of the barn indicating that the oats or other grains have been harvested.

Thanks, Lesley and Albert, for sharing this. By the way, who knows the name of the neighbors living on the farm in the background?

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