Harvest Time on the Farm

Our cousin Carol mailed me several good photos for posting on this blog, taken while her father Bennie was an active part of the home farm operation in Fitch Coulee.

This first photo has Bennie on the tractor seat and Emil on the grain binder seat. According to Bennie’s notation on the back of the photo, it was taken in 1935 on the home farm. I also appreciate this photo of the Fordson tractor (search “Fordson” on the blog for more info).

Taken in August 1944, this photo features Bennie driving the three-horse-hitch of Barney, Nellie, and Prince on the grain binder, a reminder that horses remained an integral part of the farm operation for many years after tractors had arrived on the scene. By the way, did you notice the muzzle on the horse nearest the uncut grain? and what I think is the farm’s tobacco shed behind and below the binder?

This 1943 picture features (left to right) Emil, Bennie, and Gina in a field where the corn has been cut and shocked. It appears they’ve gone to the field to pick out some ears of corn – for what reason we are left to guess: maybe to shell and feed to the chickens.

Thanks, Carol, for photos giving us a glimpse into the family farm in the 1930s and 1940s.

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