Fitch Coulee School Students

Among the photos Carol mailed me, there were two of Fitch Coulee School students. Very likely all ten Borreson siblings attended Fitch Coulee School, so there are likely more group photos like these two. I think I have one including my father Garven.

According to the notation on the back this photo, Bennie is the student at the very left in the front row. I doubly appreciate this picture because it includes both the school on the right and the Borreson family home in the background. Does Bennie appear to be six or eight years old? If so, this might date from 1913-1915.

On this Fitch Coulee School photo the note on the back is just “school days – last year.” So I should say, “Pick out Bennie and you win a prize!” Except there is no prize – and I’m not sure which one is Bennie.

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