Edwin and Marcelete’s Wedding

The wedding of the firstborn of Emil and Gina Borreson’s children took place at 8 p.m., Saturday evening, July 27, 1935. Edwin Borreson and Marcelete Benrud were married at the home of her mother, Mrs. P. M. Benrud, in Frenchville (near Ettrick), Wisconsin.


The presiding minister for the marriage was the Rev. Gilbert Borreson, Edwin’s brother, who also sang a hymn, accompanied by his wife at the piano. Attendants for the couple were Mrs. Gilbert Borreson, Miss Myrtle Peterson, Bennie Borreson, and Martinus Benrud. “The bride was attired in a light blue flat crepe gown trimmed with crystal beads, adorned with a corsage of pink roses and delphiniums.” A friend of Marcelete’s, Minnie Schelberg, made the wedding cake. A small group of family and friends attended the ceremony.

Both the bride and the groom attended Gale College, the groom being a 1922 graduate. According to the wedding article, the couple would make their home on the Benrud farm.

After this post first went online, cousin Sandra sent me a formal close-up from the time of Edwin and Marcelete’s wedding which I am glad to include here. Thanks, Sandy.

P.S. Edwin and Marcelete were two of my baptismal sponsors, and I always felt that Marcelete, whom I got to know better because she lived longer, regarded this as a sacred calling. I still may have the prayerbook I received from her at my confirmation just three months after Edwin’s death. His funeral or wake in September 1958 may have been the first I attended. Any other family memories or thoughts others would like to add? Please feel free to do so.

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