Letters from Gale College

A letter home from Gale College is not what this is about, but the letters earned by participation in a sport. Dan was so kind as to photograph the impressive collection of letters his father Ednar earned at Gale College from about 1929 to 1933 when he graduated.

Dan writes, “I am pretty sure the two larger letters [8 inches high] were for baseball and the three smaller letters [7 inches high] were for basketball.” Then he recalls a Gale College reunion a few years ago that I attended too. There “I met one of the guys who was part of the starting five in basketball with Dad his senior year…. He was the fellow wearing the hat [that] had the names of the starting five on it. Red was on the back. I am pretty sure Dad played basketball for at least three years.”

About baseball Dan adds that Ednar played “at least three years as well but developed his pitching for his junior year.” The best hitter Ednar said he faced was Ray Hagen from Whitehall.

Football was quite another story! “I remember my Dad always bragging about his football playing. The school started football his senior year [which ended fall baseball: Glenn’s comment], so that is the only year he played. He always told the story that his team only lost one game that year. If someone were to ask how many they won, he would hesitate and then finally tell them they only played one game!”

Dan recalls how his father stayed touch with several fellow students, including one who lived in Minneapolis in the late sixties or early seventies.

Thanks, Dan, for adding your comments to the Gale chapter in the Borreson family history.

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