Baseball Seasons at Gale

Well into another baseball season, and needing to get my mind off the Milwaukee Brewers’ ups-and-downs, I have been delving into La Crosse and Winona online newspaper archives to look again at the Borresons who played baseball at Gale College. The available game reports are hit-and-miss, but here’s a year-by-year approach with the material I found.

1930-1931 School Year

Baseball was a fall as well spring sport at Gale for some years. In the fall of ’30, a Winona newspaper article had great fun about telling the twins apart. “No one seems to remember whether Ednar is Edgar or whether Edgar is Ednar. Who is who and which is which had everyone guessing. They room together in the dormitory, so there is no way to know one from the other. A nickname only meant that one was called Ed and the other was called Ed…. Now they call them ‘Red ‘ and ‘Spike’ and it seems to work pretty well. In the bright sunshine it seems Ednar has a little redder hair than his brother. The other is called Spike for no other reason than it cannot be mistaken for either Red or Ed. They say Coach Daley makes them play without their caps so he can tell them apart. Even the twins admit that they sometimes don’t know who they are” (Winona Republican-Herald, Sept. 27, 1930). [I think the writer got carried away!] Search the word “Spike” to find a photo of Red and Spike on this blog. 

In the spring season, Gale defeated Bangor 3 -1 in a game that went 14 innings. Findreng and Borreson scored in the 14th inning for the win. We don’t know which Borreson, but I found documentation that Edgar lettered for Gale that year.

1931-1932 School Year

In the fall of ’31, three Borresons were among the 23 boys out for baseball: Edgar, Ednar, and Garven. In the spring we know of a Gale 5-4 win over Ettrick, and a 5-4 extra-innings win over Trempealeau. Ednar and Edgar were the battery both times, and Ednar’s Ettrick win was a two-hitter (but Gale had six errors). Both Ednar and Edgar lettered in baseball.

1932-1933 School Year

Apparently 1932 was the final fall baseball season, because football was being introduced the following year. There was a newspaper report of a 15-0 win over Trempealeau to close out the season, Red and Spike serving as the battery again.

For the spring of ’33 I have more records than usual. The coach is now Robert Bungum, all three Borresons were out for the team, Red and Spike were the battery the whole season, and the games and results were:

  • May 4, Osseo: Osseo won, 3-1 (Osseo was held scoreless until the sixth inning)
  • May 9, Fountain City: Gale won, 8-0 (Ednar pitched a two-hitter)
  • May 12, @ Whitehall: Whitehall won, 8-2
  • May 16, @ Fountain City: Gale won, 30-1
  • May 19, @ Osseo: Osseo won, 3-0
  • May 23, @ Trempealeau: Gale won, 15-1
  • May 26, Whitehall: Whitehall won, 8-2 (Whitehall had an undefeated season).

All three Borresons – Ednar, Edgar, and Garven – graduated May 29.

1933-1934 School Year

Edgar and Garven were enrolled again (but not Ednar). Maybe these were college level courses, I’m not sure. In the spring, both played baseball and lettered, but I don’t know game results. Actually, Edgar was a three sport letterman that year – in football, basketball, and baseball.

I suppose more information might be available in the Gale College archives in Galesville. I wonder, for example, if other Borreson graduates from Gale – Edwin ’22 and Gilbert ’23 – played ball. I also understand cousin Dan has in his possession a Gale letter that his father earned. Maybe I could persuade him to take a photo of it so I could share it on this blog (hint).

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