Gina in 1959

Shirley recently sent me two photos from her wedding to Richard Cook which took place June 13, 1959. I am sharing them because they’re a couple of the last photos I have seen that include Grandmother Gina.

This first photo is of Gina and daughter Clara, the mother of the bridegroom, at the reception. At the time, Gina would have been one month short of 79 years, and Clara 54 years.

The second photo is a three-generation snapshot: Gina, Clara, and bridegroom Richard. Gina lived a year and a half more, to December 10, 1960, so many of us grandchildren missed having her at our own wedding. I think Emil had died before any of us grandchildren were married. Thanks, Shirley, for sharing the photos!

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1 Response to Gina in 1959

  1. Richard Staff says:

    Glenn – Is a “non-Borreson” allowed to comment? This blog is wonderful! I want to do one for my family. This picture of your Grandma is how I remember her – bright eyes and eager to visit! I remember m folks and I visiting with her outside the Upper Church during the gala celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Rev Christopherson’s ordination in 1960. She was a prime example of the fact that Pigeon people were all good friends whether from the “upper” or “lower”! Did you know that her mother – Bertinus Maria, as she was referred to in the community – was a midwife? My mother said she was told that “Bertinus Maria” found her on a stump up in the woods!
    Richard Staff

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