Borresons Visit Larkin Valley

This photo comes from a scrapbook of my mother’s, on a day when some of the Borresons visited my parents Garven and Cora in Larkin Valley near Blair. If I’ve figured this correctly, they rented the place for a few months beginning in late 1941, and actually purchased it the following spring.

I can identify some folks in the photo and only guess at others. In the back row, left to right: Clara?, Garven, Bennie, Edwin?, Ednar, Estelle?, Stella, Gilbert. In the middle row, it looks to me like: David, Albert and Richard?, Emil, Gina, and Marcelete holding Erlin, And in the front row: Naomi and Marsha. Can you confirm my guesses or correct me?

Neither my brothers Phil and Paul nor I am in the picture, so I’m guessing it was taken before my birth in ’44. Maybe the photo was taken in 1942 when family member came to see how Garven and Cora were doing on their new farm. Any guesses?

I didn’t realize until a few months ago that Dad was farming at his parents’ Fitch Coulee farm when he and Mom were married in June 1941, and that fall they must have moved to Larkin Valley. Today not a building of that Larkin Valley place exists, the entire spot now covered with grass, brush and trees.

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