Emil’s 1917 Model T Ford

Early in May 2011, I included a generic photo of a Model T Ford along with several stories about Emil’s first car in Clara’s family history. Only months later did I find, in a photo album my mother had assembled, this picture of what I believe to be the actual Model T our grandfather Emil owned.

The photo was among other Borreson photos of the same vintage, and based on other auto photos I’ve examined, appears to be of a 1917 Ford Model T. Even better, the rear end of this vehicle – spare tire, rear wheel, canvas top – is visible in another family photo which I have seen but don’t have access to at the moment. I seem to remember a date of 1925 for that photo. I’d really like to know if anyone, perhaps cousins Conrad or Ann or Uncle Sid, might be able to idenity the people in the car – or if someone with extraordinary eyesight might read us the newspaper headlines!

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One Response to Emil’s 1917 Model T Ford

  1. Glenn says:

    Ann says she thinks it’s Gilbert in the backseat and Mabel in the front. If 1925 was the year of the photo, that would make Gilbert about 22 years and Mabel about 24.

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