A 1945 Three-Generation Photo

Just before Christmas, cousin Lesley mailed me a photo I never seen featuring various members of three generations. Here it is:

Adults (left to right, Borreson unless otherwise indicated): Edwin, Marcelette, Emil, Ednar, Gina, Mabel Okerwall, Clara Cook, Stella, Nan, Gertrude Okerwall, Cora. Children held: Sandra, Lesley. Children standing or sitting: Erlin, Albert Cook, Richard Cook, Glenn.

Lesley thinks the photo was taken a Edwin’s farm in Frenchville, and we think it’s from the summer of 1945, given the size of the three youngest. What was the occasion? One thought: Edwin would have turned 45 on June 15 that summer. Emil and Gina definitely are dressed up – Sunday best, hats included. Four husbands are absent (although one could be behind the camera). Ideas, anyone?

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2 Responses to A 1945 Three-Generation Photo

  1. patti white gibson says:

    mom had spoke of a clara or cora I can’t remember. mom had dementia of the alzheimers type. and she spoke of her often. not so much in words, but, there she is. and every ride we took, she would say is that little girl still there? Looking in the back seat. Does anyone know who that little girl might have been?

    • The only person I recall who apparently appeared mentally slow was Emil Borreson’s sister Syverine Marie (1870-1918). She died at Northern Colony at Chippewa Falls and was buried in the Pigeon Creek cemetery. Until 1909 she had stayed with her family (from Clara Cook’s history, HOMESTEAD). My cousin Albert Cook is convinced, and with good reason, that she probably was not mentally deficient but deaf or nearly so, and this handicap prevented her from being able to learn enough to be integrated into ordinary family life and society – which makes her story especially sad.

      Glenn L. Borreson 1006 Deerfield Street Holmen, WI 54636

      Borreson Cousins blog: https://onecousin.wordpress.com

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