A Favorite Cat

What’s a farm without a cat! We have a photo of at least one that prowled – or owned? – the farm of Emil and Gina. My mother had saved this photo of Dad (Garven) with a big white cat – a favorite of his, she had noted.

This has to be a cat from the Fitch Coulee farm – note the barn in the background – maybe in the late thirties, early forties.  In my recent conversation with Sid, I recall him saying that they had a white cat that could “wait by a hole all day for a gopher.” Here’s another photo of the same cat, I think (and if you ask me, looking like a close relative of a cougar).

Some barn cats came to know where their next meal was coming from. As the Borresons boys were milking the cows, especially milking by hand, the cat would wait nearby for a stream of warm milk aimed his direction. Ah, that was as fresh as it gets. A little sloppy perhaps, but who minds.

We had one of those cats as we grew up too. Phil, Paul, and I would actually compete to see how far we could squirt that Holstein cow’s milk and still have our big gray cat catch the stream! We’d back him away from the cow five, ten, even twenty feet! The poor creature was soaked with milk on some days and he kept coming back for more. You had to love that cat.

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