For Veterans Day

After coming across photos in an album kept by my mother, I decided three of the photos would be my Veterans Day posting. Two Borreson brothers served in World War II and married English brides. This post recognizes them and their service to our country.

Odell and Nan (Anderson) were married September 4, 1943 in High Wycomb parish church, Bucks, England, while Odell was stationed in the country with the U. S. Air Force as a mechanic.

Edgar and Edna (Lovell) were married October 1, 1945 in Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, England. Edgar also served in the U.S. Air Force as a mechanic. Below is a second photo of Edgar.

There has to be a story here with Edgar in a Scottish kilt. I don’t this means Edgar has Scottish ancestry! So I’m waiting for an answer from one of his children – plus memories from Odell’s and Edgar’s children about their fathers’ times in England.

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2 Responses to For Veterans Day

  1. My recollections: Dad (Edgar) joined the Army Air Corp when it became apparent he would be drafted, which he did not want to be, so just before that was likely to happen he signed up for the Air Corp. The draft board wasn’t happy about it, but he was. He did not want to serve in the Army infantry. I remember him telling that story with a smile on his face because he enjoyed his four or so years in the service. Dad was stationed at Chalveston Air Base about 70 miles north of London . This happened to be fairly close to my mother’s home in Higham Ferrers. I know they met at a dance in Rushden, another town close by. They dated for several years and Dad would bike into town if he couldn’t get a ride. I know he would bring my grandmother some rationed sugar or butter so she liked that. I guess he was “buttering her up”. Dad’s job was one he enjoyed. He used some of his design and drafting skills to help make loading the bombs easier. I’m sure he did other jobs like loading bombs on the B42s? that would fly over the channel to Germany. He liked the men he served with and had good memories. I think his decision to join the Air Corp was , in his mind , one of the best he ever made. Our parents wed at the end of the war, but Dad volunteered to serve and additional six months helping rebuild bridges in Belgium and Germany. Mother came to the US after the war on a “warbride ship”. She made her way by rail to Chicago trusting Dad would be on the rail platform to meet her. She had enough money to buy her return passage just in case. I can hardly imagine being so brave! Of course she didn’t have to, Dad was there! The money would come to good use as a downpayment on their first house.

    • Oops, I forgot to comment on the Scottish attire. Sometimes the sevicemen would get a pass for a few days so when Dad (Edgar) had a pass he and some buddies took the train to Scotland. I think the Scottish kilt etc was just for a picture. I bet they had a good time!!

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