A Toast to Gina

Before the days of summer depart and the dandelions give up their attempt to overwhelm us, I offer this brief post as a remembrance of Gina, grandmother to us Borreson cousins.

Mary and I have been enjoying the second of two bottles of dandelion wine made by Monica, our son Erik’s girlfriend, and given to us this summer. Along the way, I’ve often thought of our grandmother who herself made dandelion wine. Gilbert’s children remember occasions when she brought it out. In rare moments among family or friends, she took time to add this bit of pleasure to a life of hard work. So, Grandma Gina, this is a toast to you!

Some of the Borreson cousins met Monica when she and Erik enjoyed the same Nordic Fest church dinner back at the end of July. Mary and I had never tasted dandelion wine before, and I smile as I think that we were introduced to it by one who is as Polish-American as we are Norwegian-American. Monica brought us two bottles, one with greater alcohol content and the other lesser. I preferred the second (pictured), I think, but perhaps that’s because I’m such a wine novice.

Monica gave us the recipe too. The dandelions had to be the yellow flowers only – no green parts – and six pints of them! The recipe also included orange rind, lemon rind, and black tea among other ingredients. And of course, time – about a year. The end product was really very good. If you want the recipe, check with me (and thank Monica).

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